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Special Reports


Special Reports

From time to time, AMF issues special reports on hot topics. These are usually elaborated by just one of the AMF experts with the purpose of addressing an upcoming question efficiently, without the need to set up a project.

So far, AMF has issued two such special reports:

Air quality implications of transport biofuel consumption

Nils-Olof Nylund and Päivi Aakko-Saksa (both VTT) and Pharoah Le Feuvre (IEA) have jointly prepared this special report. It was published as a subsection on air pollutant emissions from biofuels and fossil fuels of the IEA’s renewable energy market report ‘Renewables 2018.’

The text is based on knowledge gained through AMF work and on information displayed in the Fuel Info section of the AMF website.

Ammonia Application in IC Engines

This report was prepared by Jarl N Klüssmann, Ludvig R Ekknud, Anders Ivarsson, and Jesper Schramm (all DTU Mechanical Engineering). The purpose of this report is to compile the investigations of ammonia as an engine fuel that have been carried out so far, and to conclude from the reported issues about the perspectives for the future application of ammonia.