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AMF Web Seminars


AMF Web Seminars


AMF Workshop Task 64: Overview of the different e-fuels topics

The participants in Task 64 provide insights into the different aspects of e-fuels (according to the Key Questions formulated for the Task start). This creates a common basis for the subsequent, topic-specific workshops.

The Workshop will take place online on 22 September 2022 from 12pm - 15.30 pm (CET)
Please contact Task Manager Zoe Stadler fur further information.


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AMF Workshop Task 64: Resources - CO2 and H2

This workshop will adress the questions of which CO2 resources are promising in key countries and which renewable energies for hydrogen production are considered promising for the production of e-fuels in the different countries.

The workshop will take place online on 10 November 2022 from 12pm to 15.30 pm (CET) - more details to be followed soon.
Please contact Task Manager Zoe Stadler fur further information.



AMF Task 63 - National networking Workshop

As part of the AMF project on sustainable aviation fuels (AMF Task 63 Sustainable Aviation Fuels), BEST - Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies organised a national networking workshop.

This workshop served to shed broad light on the topic, to make Austrian stakeholders visible and to discuss their positions. In particular, the current need for research and barriers to market introduction were identified.

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AMF Web Seminar Task 57: Heavy duty vehicles - recent and future options with regard to energy consumption and pollutant emissions

This web seminar has been hold in October 2021 and presented the most recent findings from work done in AMF TCP Annex/Task 57 “Heavy duty vehicle performance evaluation.” An overview provided by the Task Manager was followed by related findings of the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEV) TCP and case studies from Switzerland and Finland.

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AMF Expert Workshop Task 59: Lessons Learned from Alternative Fuels Experience

The goal of the workshop was to verify our findings and to derive key messages. Within this workshop the findings from different case studies in the participating countries were presented. The lessons learned and recommendations derived from our project were discussed with the workshop participants, interested experts inside the AMF TCP as well as external experts.

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AMF Web Seminar Task 56: Methanol as Motor Fuel

This webinar  explored some of the key reasons why methanol can be an alternative fuel aligned with the priorities of today on the energy and climate fronts

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